Fuse Member Helps Aspiring Architect Student

By jackiesharpe | September 19, 2023 |

Kyle Lepper of LPR Architecture Kyle, a member of Fuse, provided an internship for Ellie Peterson, a junior at Oregon State University.  Ellie is majoring in Architectural Engineering. Kyle said he was once an intern…

Career Change After 50

By jackiesharpe | August 23, 2023 |

Are you 50 or older and have been in a comfort career for what seems to be eternity and want to try something different. Good news, you can do it.  What sparks the change? Is…

TEDx Richland Fuse Members Present

By jackiesharpe | July 30, 2023 |

TEDx Richland 2018 In 2028 some of our Fuse Members spoke at TEDx Richland. Here are some of the replays from Erik Ralston and Justin Jones. The Remote Working Revolution Has Arrived– Justin Jones Man…

Marketing Your Business

By jackiesharpe | July 21, 2023 |

The excitement of starting a business can often carry a laundry list of things to get up and running. It is key to allocate a good chunk of time marketing your business.  Here are some…

What The Age of ChatGPT Means for Small Business

By jackiesharpe | June 30, 2023 |

Article By Erik Ralston Co-Founder & CTO at Soundbite.AI | Co-Founder & Educator at FuseSPC.Com Accelerator A Primer from Fuse Accelerator to Solopreneurs and Independent Business Owners This article is re-published from the Fuse Accelerator, where I’ve been a co-founder and a…

Remote Team Building

By jackiesharpe | June 20, 2023 |

Working remotely has been around a long time before Covid19. But, the numbers of remote workers since COVID 19 has increased significantly. Referenced from Indeed, 8% of employees worked remotely full time prior to COVID-19,…

A New Virtual Series from Fuse!

By fuseweb723 | May 19, 2020 |

**If you are interested in being a featured presenter for our new Lunch & Learn Series, email us at info@fusespc.com. We are always looking for new people and businesses to collaborate with!**

Fireside Chat Series: Kimberly Harper

By haley | March 13, 2019 |

Hosted by the Fuse Community Development Committee, the Fireside Chat Series is all about introducing local inspirational people who have meaningfully impacted our community, and this week’s guest speaker, Kimberly Harper, recipient of the 2019…

Fuse Membership Drive!

By haley | February 28, 2019 |

Fuse is having a membership drive today! We are offering a variety of discounts on memberships for you and your family members including 50% off your Membership for 3 months, Annual Hot Desk memberships for…

Friday Fundamentals with UW CoMotion

By Sara Quinn | February 7, 2019 |

Every Friday at lunch, from 12:00–1:00, Fuse will live-stream CoMotion from the University of Washington. Tomorrow will be a talk from Vikram Jandhyala, VP for Innovation Strategy at University of Washington, about how compassion improves innovation!…