Fuse Membership Drive!

Fuse is having a membership drive today! We are offering a variety of discounts on memberships for you and your family members including 50% off your Membership for 3 months, Annual Hot Desk memberships for $997 (over $400 in savings!) and adding in a family member to enjoy 6-months of Free Hot Desk Memberships with the purchase of any Hot Desk Membership!

Check out what our members love about Fuse!

  •  “My favorite thing about Fuse is being able to work alongside people in different industries; it always sparks interesting conversations and insights.”
  • “Being able to work in a field but not be relegated to only dealing with others in that field is great. Access to all the events occurring at or in conjunction with Fuse is great as well!”
  • “Getting to meet interesting individuals outside of my field.”
  • “Access to office space and equipment outside of my home.”
  • “The community is really nice and welcoming!”

What is a favorite perk of being a Fuse member?

  • “Free coffee is never bad. Free or discounted admission to events hosted at Fuse is probably the best value I get though.”
  • “My favorite perk of being a Fuse member is having the opportunity to attend a variety of events.”
  • “Supportive programs, such as the mentor network and educational events.”
  • “The podcast room time.”

If you are interested in being a Fuse member for a discounted price today, feel free to contact Haley McLaughlin, our Sales & Communication Coordinator, at haley@fusespc.com, or check out our website https://fusespc.com/membership-drive/ to learn more about today’s membership discounts!

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