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It’s remarkable to watch a little thing grow. Four years ago, I started conFUSEcon as an excuse to test out a convention organization software I’d been tooling around with for the previous six months; it worked, but not entirely in the way I’d expected. Being an introvert, I needed to find a way for a…

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Fireside Chat with Steve Simmons

  Don’t miss our upcoming Fireside Chat with Steve Simmons! The Fireside Chat Series hosted by Fuse’s Community Development Team introduces inspirational individuals who have significantly impacted the local community. It is conversational in tone, lending to an informal and intimate discussion between two friends. Next up in the series is Steve Simmons, local leader…

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TriConf {Creative}

TLDR: TriConf is awesome. Check out the events schedule! Those of you who have heard of TriConf likely know it as a community-organized, barcamp-style conference that brings in a lot of interesting speakers on a plethora of topics. I’ve given a few talks at TriConf in the past, and it’s pretty likely that you know…

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