• Over 10,000 sq. ft of coworking and office space
  • Classroom, conference room, and podcast studio
  • Fully loaded kitchen
  • Fiber internet, print station, and on-site shred service
  • Private shower room
  • Rental space for meetings and events

If you would like to take a tour or have questions, please contact us at info@fusespc.com or call 509-572-3340.

What is Fuse?

People coming together to create something new, from business start-ups to community events. We actively champion innovation and collaboration, creating an atmosphere where you can be your most productive self. 


business accelerator

Fuse is where individuals and small teams come together in a thoughtfully-designed, resource-rich environment to get work done and grow their ideas.  Comprised of professionals from varying disciplines and backgrounds, Fuse is built for hard-working, fun-loving humans.

community building

Forging an intentional community–with shared values and a desire for meaningful connection–is the Fuse raison d' etre. As Fuse Tri-Citizens, we seek to embody the ideal that we’re all a piece of something bigger and we’d like to play a vital role in creating the communities that we live in.




learning workshops

No longer an experiment, Fuse is a thought laboratory whose end game is purposeful action. It's where knowledge seekers can interact with knowers––sharing with each other their unique experiences and perspectives in a welcoming, all-inclusive atmosphere designed for thoughtful dialogue.

Fuse Amenities

Dedicated Lounge Space

Because Science tells us: breaks boost productivity. With this fact in mind, we have mindfully designed an area dedicated to productivity boosting rest. We promise, it’s not an oxymoron.   

Podcast / Recording Studio

Whether you have a story to tell or want to record audio, Fuse has a dedicated room with professional acoustic panels.

Conference Rooms

Spacious accommodations for meeting with clients, potential investors or whatever your specific needs are for a group setting. Graze, and Frost Me Sweet are a stones throw away  for that bomb nosh catering option...just sayin'. 

Fiber & Wi-Fi Internet

The future is now and we are firmly connected. 

Full Kitchen

Studies suggest that eating is vital to life. As such, we have a Fuse market stocked with eats and drinks. Kitchen is also equipped with all the necessary accoutrements and appliances for life sustaining productivity.

Coffee + Tea Stations

We keep the caffeine flowing for maximum productivity. Additionally, we keep a mean bean on hand at all times. We are "those" kind of coffee folks, you'll thank us for it later.

Multiple Printers

Printers are still essential, even for a group of people whose needs are digitally-centric. Whatever your printing needs: front back or side to side, we have your tangible assets covered.

Shower Room

BYOL. Bring your own loofah. 

Shredding Service

Nobody wants unauthorized peeps peeping those proprietary documents. Dispose of them safely with Fuse’s contracted Shredding Service.

Fuse Amenities

  • Dedicated Lounge Space
  • Fiber & Wi-Fi Internet
  • Full Kitchen
  • Shredding Service
  • Podcast / Recording Studio
  • Multiple Printers
  • Reservable Electronics
  • Photo Room with Equipment
  • Conference Rooms
  • Shower Room



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