Top 5 Books Every Designer Should Read

  Designer is such a broad term. We designers have our hands in many, many industries. My own experience ranges from board game, roleplaying game, and video game design, to web, UX, and print design. I also have a background in psychology and sociology, which factors into my work more than I ever expected it…

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Top 5 Board Games with Kevin Haro

  Today’s Top 5 is written by Kevin Haro!   Codenames Nearly impossible to describe but insanely fun. Here we go. Two teams, 1 code master per team, 25 word cards, and a word association map. The code masters have a list of codes that they try to get their team to guess before the…

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Top 5 Writing Resources with Vanessa Cozza

Today’s Member Top 5 is written by Vanessa Cozza! 1. Anne Lamott, bird by bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life, 1994, Anchor Books If you prefer more than just a writer’s manual—perhaps you’d like insight into a published author’s world—Lamott’s book can give you that. She blends memoir with writing advice. Are you a…

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Top 5 Heroes in the 2018 Olympics with Cheyenne Brown

Today’s Member Top 5 comes from Cheyenne Brown: 1. Unified Korea: North and South Korea marched together under the Korean unification flag to open the 2018 Olympics. 2. Alexander Gamelin: He was a total bro when he prevented Min’s costume from falling off after the pairs skate. 3. Maddie Bowman: She fell 3/3 times during…

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Top 5 Street Names in the Tri-Cities with Gar

Today’s Member Top 5 is written by Gar.   Hi. I’m Gar. There are a lot of streets with names in the Tri-Cities. Some have numbers, but those are more avenues and not streets. This is just a list of the named streets. And one “way” (spoilers). Here are my top five favorite street names…

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Top 5 Favorite Anarchist Thinkers with Adam Brault

Top 5 favorite anarchist thinkers who deeply influenced my thinking about business, community building, life, and basically everything by Adam Brault   Dee Hock. Jane Jacobs. Ricardo Semler. Peter Block. Parker Palmer.  Whether they acknowledge it or not, each of the philosophies and ideas shared by these writers align directly with the fundamentals of anarchism. …

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Top 5 Greatest Things about Fuse’s New Building with Jess Stangeland

Jess's Top 5 About New Fuse Building

I have Jess Stangeland to thank for today’s Top 5! Here are 5 of the greatest things about Fuse’s new building: Beautiful Open Spaces Our new building is a gorgeous, open space full of natural light. If you haven’t yet, check out Fuse’s Facebook page for updates. Better yet, stop by 723 The Parkway in Richland and check out the…

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Top 5 Fantasy Authors with Brett Spooner

Brett's Top 5

For this week’s Top 5, Brett Spooner is giving us his Top 5 favorite fantasy authors. Brett Spooner has been a part of Fuse from the very beginning. He is also a Managing Partner at his law firm, Gravis Law, and serves on the board of a number of community organizations. Besides being passionate about…

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Top 5 Art Events to Launch your New Year with Amy Boaro

Top 5 Art Events 2018

Today’s Top 5 is written by Amy Boaro. Amy shares her 5 most anticipated local art events coming up in the Tri-Cities!   I love that the Tri-Cities has a vibrant art community, and it seems to get better each year as an increasing number of artists come forward to share their work. If you haven’t dipped your toes in…

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