New Members!

This 4 day work week was booming with new faces at Fuse. Whether it was day passes, or hot desk memberships, we loved getting to know new people and helping them find their home in Fuse. We have done 4 tours AND 3 day passes. Along with that, Fuse is thrilled to introduce our new…

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Top 5 Books Every Designer Should Read

  Designer is such a broad term. We designers have our hands in many, many industries. My own experience ranges from board game, roleplaying game, and video game design, to web, UX, and print design. I also have a background in psychology and sociology, which factors into my work more than I ever expected it…

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Top 5 Writing Resources with Vanessa Cozza

Today’s Member Top 5 is written by Vanessa Cozza! 1. Anne Lamott, bird by bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life, 1994, Anchor Books If you prefer more than just a writer’s manual—perhaps you’d like insight into a published author’s world—Lamott’s book can give you that. She blends memoir with writing advice. Are you a…

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Top 5 Street Names in the Tri-Cities with Gar

Today’s Member Top 5 is written by Gar.   Hi. I’m Gar. There are a lot of streets with names in the Tri-Cities. Some have numbers, but those are more avenues and not streets. This is just a list of the named streets. And one “way” (spoilers). Here are my top five favorite street names…

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Top 5 Fantasy Authors with Brett Spooner

Brett's Top 5

For this week’s Top 5, Brett Spooner is giving us his Top 5 favorite fantasy authors. Brett Spooner has been a part of Fuse from the very beginning. He is also a Managing Partner at his law firm, Gravis Law, and serves on the board of a number of community organizations. Besides being passionate about…

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Meet the Member: Kevin Haro

meet the member - kevin haro

We asked one of our amazing Fuse members to answer some questions about his life and career. Here’s your chance to get to know Kevin Haro a little bit better! Q: What is your current occupation? A: I’ve been a software developer for almost a year.   Q: What did you study at University? A:…

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Top 5 Art Events to Launch your New Year with Amy Boaro

Top 5 Art Events 2018

Today’s Top 5 is written by Amy Boaro. Amy shares her 5 most anticipated local art events coming up in the Tri-Cities!   I love that the Tri-Cities has a vibrant art community, and it seems to get better each year as an increasing number of artists come forward to share their work. If you haven’t dipped your toes in…

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Meet the Member: Carissa Pitkin Jones


We asked Fuse member Carissa Pitkin Jones some questions about her life and career path. Here’s what she had to say: Q: Where are you in your career trajectory? A: I am a classical pianist, teacher, and performer and have been teaching in the studio or classroom setting since 2005.   Q: What are some…

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