Career Change After 50

Are you 50 or older and have been in a comfort career for what seems to be eternity and want to try something different. Good news, you can do it. 

What sparks the change? Is it boredom, work environment, work/life balance, not enough fun, not making a difference, remote vs in the office, tired of routine? Regardless of the reason, there are numerous opportunities to take advantage of in your next job. Although I liked my work in higher education and corporate holding roles as a project manager, teacher, manager, distance learning coordinator and trainer for 30 years, I decided when I wrapped up a contract job with Microsoft at age 46 I wanted to model and be an actor. I acquired an agent both in Portland, Oregon and New York, and for many years I landed numerous modeling for and acting work. It turns out there was a need for people my age to play roles as a mom, doctor, nurse and employee . 

Although my career shifted to training and development because of my accumulated prior work experience and now including acting, I am still asked to be in commercials.
Now, how to get started. Gallup has 6 Steps to Successfully Changing Careers After 50

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