Fuse Podcast Studio: Part Four

This is the conclusion of our four-part series about Fuse’s podcast studio. If you haven’t yet, I would suggest that you read the three previous podcasting blog posts to get the whole story.

In our first post, we talked about Fuse’s podcast studio in Richland, Washington, and highlighted Kristi Shumway’s Tri-Citizens podcast. In our second post, we discussed the origin of the podcast studio and Amy Boaro’s successful grant proposal to PNNL. In our third post, we went over the equipment used here in Fuse’s studio, and the training available via Fuse’s YouTube channel and through our own Justin Jones.

Today, we’ll talk about the many advantages to creating your podcasts at Fuse. We will also highlight the three training videos available to budding podcasters that will help them learn the trade.

Angie Furubotten-LaRosee is starting a podcast called College Funding Matters. She says:

Podcasting has been on my list of to do’s since I attended Fuse’s podcast classes this spring, even before I was a Fuse member. My podcast, College Funding Matters, is a part of my new financial planning firm’s marketing plan. Never having done a podcast before, it’s been a real learning experience figuring out the equipment, practicing speaking into the mics, writing questions, and of course, recording.

We want to make sure you have everything you need to create a successful podcast, and to make your own guests and interviewees comfortable enough to stay and chat! Fuse will also make sure your podcast is promoted.

Not only will Fuse promote your podcast on social media, podcasting out of Fuse’s studio will also put you in touch with other podcasters, and increase your connections within the podcast community and those with similar interests. You will have the opportunity to meet other community-oriented people who might make good interviewees or guests.

As part of your training when learning to use the podcast studio, you will also learn how to get sponsors for your podcast, as well as learning about other monetization methods.

Angie says, “Fuse has good support to show you the ropes…. the room and equipment are high quality, the sound quality is fantastic, and the whole thing really isn’t that hard to handle. It’s already been fun, and we’re just getting started.”

To help you with your podcast, Fuse has three training videos available.


The first is Fuse Podcasting Series 01: Using the Podcast Studio:


Our second training video is Fuse Podcasting Series 02: How to Create Good Content:


The third video is called Fuse Podcasting Series 03: Distribution and Marketing:



We hope that this series on Fuse’s podcast studio has been informative. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email or phone. Happy podcasting!


Email info@fusespc.com, or call (509) 572-3820 to book the podcast studio at Fuse, or to schedule training.

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