Fuse | Coworking, Tri-Cities, WA

What is coworking?

At it’s core, coworking is community. It is a cummulative and intentional effort to build connection through a shared work environment and event space. Though typically comprised of startups, freelancers, and telecommuters, members of these free-form spaces find value in the human connection that coworking cultivates.

The Rise of Coworking Locally

Coworking in the Tri-Cities began when stay-at-home workers who struggled with isolation decided they needed to get out of the house. Several groups sprung up over the past few years, meeting in restaurants, coffeeshops, libraries, and other places with a wifi connection. However none of these places solved long term problems of noise, desk space, or the worry of leaving your things unattended.

In 2012, the Tri-Cities saw the birth of its first coworking space, “Room to Think”. It offered a location, seating, wifi, and full events calendar (2 per week on average). Most importantly, Room to Think provided a place to call home for so many coworkers. Although widely considered a success, Room to Think closed its doors in 2013. It was a tremendous undertaking that paved the way for Fuse.

Since that time, many have joined the local coworking community, including a significant number of previous Room to Think members. Over 30 strong, these individuals saw the need and opportunity to create the next version of coworking in the Tri-Cities. The momentum, passion, and dedication of this core group produced Fuse.

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