TriConf {Creative}

TLDR: TriConf is awesome. Check out the events schedule!

Those of you who have heard of TriConf likely know it as a community-organized, barcamp-style conference that brings in a lot of interesting speakers on a plethora of topics. I’ve given a few talks at TriConf in the past, and it’s pretty likely that you know at least a couple of others who have done the same.

This year, David Spaulding and the rest of the organizers are putting a {creative} spin on TriConf—celebrating all things created and crafted. The conference will take place in downtown Kennewick this year to celebrate Fuse’s Kennewick expansion and as part of the first steps toward creating a new Certified Creative District in Downtown Kennewick!

Says David Spaulding:

I wanted a way for people to share their ideas on the community—what they want to see in the future, what they want in a creative area (such as live music venues), and to get all of those diverse creatives talking, and in the same room…. I firmly believe we (the Tri-Cities community) have a perfect story to tell in creative industries. We also have an opportunity for the first regional Creative District partnership to give an even greater impression for events, creative spaces, and bringing people to our community to celebrate with us.

The dates of TriConf, August 2nd–August 4th, will include the First Thursday Art Walk and the Kennewick Farmer’s Market. Since the entire event is centered around art, music, food, and other creative endeavors, it’s exciting to have so many intersections happening all at once in Downtown Kennewick.

For anyone worried that TriConf {Creative} is leaving behind its past inclusion of technology, Spaulding reassures us, saying, “The top creative jobs in the state are Software Developer, Programmer, Graphic Designer, and Marketing Manager. “Creative” definitely does not exclude technology.”

So. get on down to Downtown Kennewick and see what TriConf {Creative} is all about!


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