Top 5 Heroes in the 2018 Olympics with Cheyenne Brown

Today’s Member Top 5 comes from Cheyenne Brown:

1. Unified Korea: North and South Korea marched together under the Korean unification flag to open the 2018 Olympics.

2. Alexander Gamelin: He was a total bro when he prevented Min’s costume from falling off after the pairs skate.

3. Maddie Bowman: She fell 3/3 times during the Freeski Half Pipe Final, but still went ALL OUT on her jumps.

4. All of Women’s Slopestyle: The competitors of Women’s Slopestyle Snowboarding showed sheer determination. Due to the wind, 4/5 snowboarders crashed during their runs, but they got up and did it again.

5. Barunsengkak & Korean Association for AIDS Prevention: They donated 110,000 condoms to the Olympic Village (37 condoms per athlete).

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