Top 5 Greatest Things about Fuse’s New Building with Jess Stangeland

I have Jess Stangeland to thank for today’s Top 5!

Here are 5 of the greatest things about Fuse’s new building:

Beautiful Open Spaces

Our new building is a gorgeous, open space full of natural light. If you haven’t yet, check out Fuse’s Facebook page for updates. Better yet, stop by 723 The Parkway in Richland and check out the new space for yourself!

Full Kitchen

That’s right—Fuse now has a full kitchen. You can cook and bake to your heart’s content. Of course, we’ll have a full coffee bar to keep you caffeinated as well. We even have a dishwasher now, so cleaning up will be easier than ever!

Private Shower Room

For all of the bicycle peeps out there who are tired of being sweaty after riding to work, we’ve got you covered! You can freshen up in style in our spacious shower room.

Fiber Internet

I wrote pretty extensively about Fuse’s fiber internet, but here is the TLDR: it’s super fast, super reliable, and super secure. Fiber internet is pretty much the best thing ever.

Photography Studio

Fuse is getting a brand-new photography studio set up in the new building. I’ll write a follow-up post about the studio, but for now, I’m just really excited about this new amenity! I have had to do quite bit of DIY photography, so I’m super stoked to have professional equipment to use!


What do you love about Fuse’s new building?

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