Fuse | Coworking, Tri-Cities, WA

Erik’s Story

When I first found coworking, I was a corporate refugee. I had met people in the community at events, but my day-to-day work was the usual 9-to-5 fluorescent lit grind. Once I got a taste of coworking, I knew I had found my oasis where I could be more productive while being myself. I was taking my work into a place infused with passion and creativity rather than meetings and politics.

Coworking was also a place of opportunity. For the entire year of Room to Think being open, every good thing that happened to me professionally sprouted from something I did or someone I met within the walls of the coworking space: finding the people and making the plan for Tri-Cities Startup Weekend, various freelance opportunities, and two jobs that each really advanced my career. Coworking is not about shared office space, it’s about making a dynamo of serendipity, and that wheel can turn for anyone who just takes the step inside.