Fuse | Coworking, Tri-Cities, WA

Brett’s Story

A serial entrepreneur – Brett discovered the Tri-Cities Startup Community through the Fall 2013 Tri-Cities Startup Weekend. Since then he’s taken an active and visionary leadership role in helping to grow the startup community in the Tri-Cities. When he is not coworking out of his office at Fuse SPC as a Business Attorney and founder of Gravis Law, PLLC “day job”; he is rolling up his sleeves to work at his local solar-powered distillery or working on his next software product at Inigo, LLC. Outside of the office he found spending time with his wife and daughter, looking for good lunch conversation, mountain biking, or writing science fiction. Brett dreams of a downtown Richland, unified Tri-Cities, and the local commercialization of space technology. He plans to see them all become a reality in his lifetime.