Fuse | Coworking, Tri-Cities, WA

Becca’s Story

I’m a telecommuter of sorts, and occasional small biz refugee. I believe in the value of being surrounded by smart, driven people that by their presence supports me to do better work. Fuse SPC fills a need for the Tri-Cities community, beyond myself. It is a place to belong, to contribute to, and to be productive at, with others.

After quitting my corporate job, I worked from home for a year. However, as time went on, I started to realize that I missed the interaction with other people and the water cooler conversations that working from home just doesn’t provide. I just wasn’t feeling as inspired in my surroundings, and also found myself getting distracted. I would frequently work from local coffee shops, but was starting to feel that I was overstaying my welcome. While technology these days allows the ability to work 100% of the time from home, human face-to-face interaction cannot be replicated. I also wanted to encourage others in their pursuits and be a part of a contributing group of people that I believe are making a positive impact on our community and making the Tri-Cities a better place to live and work.

Room to Think, my first experience with coworking, opened my eyes to the value and benefits of coworking, and I knew coworking was the place for me as soon as I met the community. Fuse provides the place and framework for a community that encourages me to get involved, contribute through the use of my personal skill sets, and also helps me to be a better worker through the motivation I feel from being surrounded by smart, hard-working and passionate people. It’s great to see what others are doing and accomplishing, and be in an environment where we can celebrate collective successes. I’m excited about where coworking is today and where it is headed through Fuse, and enjoy being a part of something that is so innovative and beneficial to so many. I love Fuse’s social purpose focus and community spirit. I’ll be a hot-desk coworker, and plan to enjoy the benefits of interaction with others and new creative ideas from being surrounded by so many inspiring individuals that will help me be a better online educator for the university I work for part time and more productive employee for Flex.