Ride Your Bike to Fuse!

Have you ever wanted to ride your bike to Fuse, but you weren’t sure how to work it out logistically?

Well, Fuse not only has bike racks you can use, we also have a private shower room! You can freshen up and get changed before heading into the office or hotdesk area after your morning bike ride.

I spoke with David Spaulding of Wheelhouse Community Bike Shop recently about biking in and around Richland, WA:

FUSE and The Parkway are well-positioned for biking to work. Many route options go right to the Parkway. The River Trail runs north/south as does the Shelterbelt along the 240 bypass, as well as having an additional bike trail and bike lane to the Stevens Drive area. East/west bike ways include Lee, Duportail, Van Geisen, and Williams/Hains. While many of the streets in Richland are bike-able, the ones listed are the most low-stress, and more people may feel comfortable biking on them.

Another good biking connection is south on Jadwin from The Parkway, across Aaron Drive and connecting to the trail near the Chamna Preserve. You can then either bike on the trail along 182 to Queensgate (near the wineries) and on to the Keene trail, or head the opposite direction to the trail that runs along 240 back to Richland, over the 182 bridge to Pasco, or south to Kennewick.

David added that Ben Franklin Transit can help with long-distance commutes. The buses have two bike racks on the front and the Knight Street transit stop nearby has bike lockers that can be affordably rented on a monthly basis.

Wheelhouse is partnered with Confluent Space. A bike workshop space is available for Wheelhouse and Confluent members, and is open during Confluent’s regular hours. Currently, Wheelhouse hosts weekly bike rides on Mondays and Thursdays to help people become more familiar with the bike routes around town, and more comfortable riding bikes in general. These night rides end at Paper Street Brewing, where you’re welcome to grab a beer and a bite to eat.

“Biking to work can seem like a huge challenge in the beginning,” says David. “One of the reasons we started Wheelhouse was to offer more resources for people who may be interested, need help on a commute, or to even help inspire others to commute—even if it’s just on occasion.”

Bike to Work week is May 14th–18th, and Bike to Work day is May 18th.

For more information, visit wheelhouse.bike.

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