Rocco Luongo

Rocco Luongo

President and Chief Engineer,  Power Focus Engineering, PS

As a mentor, how can you help with the Fuse community?

I focus on technical and management consulting for small and large companies. I provide executive and business coaching to business owners, as well as technical consulting to companies developing new products and services.


Rocco M. Luongo, P.E. founded Power Focus Engineering, P.S. in August 2009 helping clients around the Pacific North West and the world achieve success with renewable energy deployments and hi-tech product development. Dozens small- and large-cap companies in each major economic zone in the world have benefited from his engineering and leadership skills. Mr. Luongo describes himself as a humanitarian technologist, and believes in doing well by doing good. Rocco also enjoys outdoor activities of all sorts and capturing nature with his Nikon SLR. Although he does have a bit of an adrenaline addiction, Rocco also relishes quiet reading time by the fire with his wife.

Area of Expertise

• Business Operations
• Business Strategy & Planning
• Manufacturing & Product Development
• Startup/Entrepreneur/Incubator/Accelerator
• Project Management


• Consulting, Research and Business Services
• Engineering
• Manufacturing & Mining
• Nonprofit Organizations

Other Experience

I have been on the Domestic Violence Services of Benton and Franklin Counties for ten years. During that time I have been the Chairperson of the Board, and the Treasurer for three years each. This means I know how non-profits [501(c)(3)] organizations work.