Olivia Berg

Owner/Founder,  BlankSpace

As a mentor, how can you help with the Fuse community?

I'm passionate about combining unique ideas and startup concepts with the principles of aesthetics, digital marketing, and social platforms. As a serial entrepreneur and owner of three startup companies (ranging from construction, to service based brick and mortar, to healthcare), I understand the power of conveying your message in a clear and relatable way. I believe that infusing creativity and design-based thought processes into any industry or business model can add immense value. My greatest strengths are graphic design, content creation, and utilizing tactics like AdWords, click funnels, and social media advertising. I love thinking first like the consumer, and then working backwards to determine how best to market to that person, and tailor a product or service to their needs (and, if I can find a memorable, humorous, or unusual way to do it, I jump at the chance!).


I started my career in the public sector (mental healthcare) before deciding that the entrepreneur life was the life for me! After a year of traveling extensively (literally living on the road!), I settled back in the Tri-Cities and opened BlankSpace, when I was 25 years old. I also own a marketing firm that produces click funnels for high-volume healthcare companies all over the U.S., and a growing "side hustle" doing high end renovations on vintage Airstream trailers. I was honored to be named one of the Tri-City Journal of Business' top Young Professionals in 2017, and own the Columbia Basin's most awarded event venue. I also am an active Chamber member, enjoy volunteering at non-profits, and hosting charity events. You can find me at most business events in a ball cap or cowboy boots, as I grew up in a multi-generational farming family, and live on a farm to this day with my 6 year old daughter.

Area of Expertise

• Business Strategy & Planning
• Sales, Marketing & Public Relations
• Startup/Entrepreneur/Incubator/Accelerator


• Agriculture and Farming
• Arts and Entertainment
• Consulting
• Research and Business Services; Marketing
• Advertising and Creative Services
• Media and Communications
• Real Estate, Rental Services and Leasing

Other Experience