Kris Lapp

CEO,  i3 Global

As a mentor, how can you help with the Fuse community?

Having been with FUSE from inception, starting multiple start-ups and growing/scaling a tech company, I am well suited to assist in conceptual ideas around a new technology. I operate best when I am conceptualizing strategy, marketing and sales outputs to your ideal clients.


I am a very high energy, win at all costs competitor. I spend the majority of my day running or overseeing my various businesses (previous start-ups, now functioning small-mid size businesses). The rest of the time I am working throughout the community with the various organizations I am either on a board for or just support in general.

Area of Expertise

• Business Operations
• Business Strategy & Planning
• Government & Regulations/Compliance
• Sales, Marketing & Public Relations
• Startup/Entrepreneur/Incubator/Accelerator
• Technology & IT Services (web/mobile/application programming, infrastructure, design, program management, IoT, data science/analytics, database, AI, VR, cryptocurrency, security, telephony, )


• Consulting, Research and Business Services
• Government Contracting
• Marketing, Advertising and Creative Services
• Media and Communications
• Utilities, Energy
• Technology and Web-Based Services

Other Experience