John Smoot

CEO,  4D GeoViz LLC

As a mentor, how can you help with the Fuse community?

I am the founder and owner of 4D GeoViz LLC, a technical consulting business that specializes in geospatial studies in space and time. My specialities are environmental contamination and remediation in soil and groundwater across the nuclear, mining, and oil & gas industries. I bootstrapped my business with a business credit card with a $10K ceiling and a good Dell laptop procured with the help of Dell Financial Services. My business will be 6 years old on Halloween, 2018. I am able to manage my scope, schedule and budget, maintain cash flow, and be flexible enough to meet customer needs.


I utilized resources all over the state to start the business. The Economic Development Authority of Skagit County (EDASC) was particularly helpful in building a business plan. I have good experience and ability to seek and find what I need without respect to geographic boundaries. I made contact on the internet and made in-person visits when needed.

Area of Expertise

• Business Operations
• Business Strategy & Planning
• Startup/Entrepreneur/Incubator/Accelerator


• Consulting, Research and Business Services
• Environmental Services
• Government Contracting
• Manufacturing & Mining
• Waste Management
• Technical consulting on niche problems

Other Experience