Gus Sako

Owner,  The Octopus’ Garden / Luna Fish

As a mentor, how can you help with the Fuse community?

I have a career in small brick and mortar retail. I am adept at recognizing trends too late. I tend to look for the joker in the deck. And I believe that your enthusiasm for your business or idea just might overcome the fact that your numbers are way too optimistic.


I was born in Richland and, as a teenager, always planned on escaping. The fact that my business is over 40 years old should tell you something about my planning - escape and otherwise.

Area of Expertise

I don’t have expertise in an area so much as I have a shallow understanding of most aspects of a retail business.


Retail and Wholesale Trade

Other Experience

I have been lucky enough to have served on several nonprofit boards. I have also been on several City committees. I helped form the Uptown Business Improvement District and have served on its board. I am in the process of trying to survive two teenage girls.