Eric Hsu

Co-Founder/Chief Message-Crafter,  Communication Hackers

As a mentor, how can you help with the Fuse community?

I am a digital marketing strategy coach with an emphasis on helping entrepreneurs craft the right message to sell their solutions to their customers. My wife and I co-founded Communication Hackers. Our mission is to empower small-business owners with the most effective and efficient ways to reach, and sell to, their ideal customers in the digital age. I look forward to helping you define your ideal customer persona, craft a brand strategy that sends the right messages, and build a marketing funnel that will sell your solution. I also have extensive experience advising startups on more technical aspects of business operations including legal considerations, monetization models, and planned exit strategies.


Area of Expertise

• Business Strategy & Planning
• Legal Services
• Sales, Marketing & Public Relations
• Startup/Entrepreneur/Incubator/Accelerator


• Consulting, Research and Business Services
• Marketing, Advertising and Creative Services
• Media and Communications
• Technology and Web-Based Services

Other Experience