Launch University: Startup Spring 2019


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Launch University is an 8-week course designed to give you a deeper understanding of your business model, including strengths and gaps. At the end you will have the tools and confidence to create your own action plan to launch your business to the next level.

The course is structured  to focus on the most useful and transferable skills for owners, C-level executives, and presidents of existing, early-stage companies.


What is the time commitment? 

Classes will be held every Tuesday for 8 weeks in Spring of 2019.
Each class will run approximately 2 hours starting at 6:30 p.m.

Prior to class, you will receive an initial assessment touching on the concepts that will be taught that week and gauging your skill in the area to be covered in the curriculum. You will also receive weekly “no-fluff” homework assignments for each topic — a critical component of your education.


Each class will have the following components:

— Intro and a “Leadership Focal Point”

— Overview presentation from instructor and homework review

— Group work / simulation / workshop

— Presentation of results

— Class discussion

— Wrap-up and review of next week

— Social mingling and networking


Class Topics

Week 1: Design Thinking & Business Model Canvas

Week 2: Product Solutions

Week 3: Sales & Marketing

Week 4: General Legal & Intellectual Property

Week 5: Team Building

Week 6: Building a Customer Service Culture

Week 7: Financial Growth & Control

Week 8: Presentation Day


For more information see our Fuse Launch page.

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