FUSE is coming to Kennewick!

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FUSE and the City of Kennewick are partnering to establish a business and community accelerator in Downtown Kennewick to support the city’s economic development priority goal, including entrepreneurship, business expansion and job creation.

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All Hands In

$40,000 of grant funding will help bring:

  • A business and community accelerator in Downtown Kennewick
  • Educational programming
  • Events
  • Mentoring
  • Access to early stage capital
  • Business preparation guidance to succeed and grow.



The Drumroll

We are in the process of finding the perfect home for FUSE Kennewick in Downtown, but we don’t want to wait until then to get to know you!  Whether you want to check out some resources for a new or existing business or just want another place to make some friends downtown, look out for both fun and educational events starting this summer with...


Establishing the accelerator

By the end of 2019, FUSE will have found our second home in Downtown Kennewick to continue fostering the FUSE Kennewick community and provide even more opportunity for businesses.

Please reach out if you have any questions. You can contact Haley McLaughlin, FUSE Sales & Communications Coordinator, for more information on Fuse, coworking, membership, and how you can get involved! haley@fusespc.com

We look forward to seeing you in Kennewick!

Press Release

Many diverse, small businesses are attracted to Downtown Kennewick as a commercial district where they can afford to grow and prosper, creating demand for a small business startup and accelerator support.


A specific location hasn’t been selected yet, however the partnership agreement requires the accelerator be strategically located in the downtown to support revitalization efforts and meet economic development criteria required by grant funding.


A grant awarded to the city from the Frontier Communications America’s Best Communities contest is helping kick start the accelerator. The remainder of the funding is from interest earnings from an economic development loan that was repaid in full in 2003. The intent of the grant funding is to expand and diversify local industry and create local living wage jobs.


“The grant is intended to underwrite the cost of recruiting businesses and marketing to attract entrepreneurs and young companies to a facility located in downtown Kennewick,” Estes-Cross said. The process to get the accelerator established could take up to two years. “The goal is to see at least 10 businesses and 18 new jobs created as a result of the accelerator.”


Fuse has a proven track record of providing these services in our region. It has the ability to effectively mentor and connect small businesses with capital investment and the larger entrepreneurial ecosystem. Fuse is a social purpose corporation, made up shareholders who are active members of the Tri-Cities business community.   


For more information, please contact

Haley McLaughlin, haley@fusespc.com,  Sales & Communications Coordinator.

Miles Thomas, City of Kennewick Economic Development Manager, miles.thomas@ci.kennewick.wa.us