Holiday Traditions


Here are a few holiday traditions from our Fuse members!

Eric Zanol:
We read “The Night Before Christmas” on Christmas Eve to the kids. Then we all wear matching pajamas on Christmas day.

Sara Quinn:
Our tradition is to go to my parents’ house for dinner on Christmas Eve with the whole family. We eat dinner, open presents, and then have dessert. My mom always makes at least two pies. Then my husband and I have a “pajama day” on Christmas Day… basically, a day to ourselves. We usually end up playing video games and board games all day and eating leftovers!

Jess Strangeland:
I have so many family holiday traditions, but a few of my favorites are: 1) going to midnight Mass with my mom, 2) seeing a movie on Christmas Day— usually something in the “action” genre…you know, fun for the whole family, and 3) eating lefse (Norwegian potato wrap) and rice pudding for dessert, which are both Norwegian traditions.

Devan Farrell:
We have a Harry Potter marathon with the kiddos.

Kristi Shumway:
When I was younger, I’d fly to my dad’s in the Bay Area in California for a few days and have midnight Christmas eve with his family. Then I’d fly Christmas morning to my mom’s in Southern California and make it to my mom’s family’s Christmas morning.

I don’t do that anymore, but with my husband, we still have a busy Christmas time when we are in Southern California. This is our third Christmas since moving to Tri-Cities. The first two years were much calmer since we didn’t go back home. But this year, we are going down for our busy Christmas, and we can’t wait!

Deanna Rene Boyle:
We love the Christmas pickle tradition. The pickle ornament is with my grandparents, and when we (all the grandkids and cousins) get there for dinner, the first thing we all do is run for the tree to find the pickle ornament. The pickle ornament is basically the same color as the tree, so it’s actually a legit challenge. Then whoever finds it first gets an extra gift from the grandparents, and more importantly, bragging rights until next year!

Thank you to everyone who shared their holiday traditions!
Happy Holidays from all of us at Fuse!

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