Launch University: Startup Giving  You the Tools to Accelerate Business

This 8-week course is designed to give you a deeper understanding of your business model, including strengths and gaps. At the end you will have the tools and confidence to create your own action plan to launch your business to the next level.

The course is structured  to focus on the most useful and transferable skills for owners, C-level executives, and presidents of existing, early-stage companies.

We only have a limited amount of space, so act fast in order to secure your spot. Ideally YOU:

have already formed the company

currently have customers and revenue

are working through some challenges


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What is the time commitment? 

Classes will be held every Tuesday from April 9th to June 4th. Each class will run approximately 2 hours starting at 6:30 p.m.

Prior to class you will receive an initial assessment touching on concepts and gauging your skill in the area to be covered in the curriculum. You will also receive weekly "no-fluff" homework assignments for each topic -- a critical component of your education.
Instructors are seasoned professionals who walk-the-walk. Although instructors and topics range, the structure of each class will have a standard program proven to boost learn and retention. 


Each class will flow as follows:

-- Intro and a "Leadership Focal Point"

-- Overview presentation from instructor and homework review

-- Group work / simulation / workshop

-- Presentation of results 

-- Class discussion

-- Wrap-up and review of next week

-- End with social mingle and networking

Class Topics

Week 1

Design Thinking & Business Model Canvas

Week 2

Product Solutions

Week 3

Sales & Marketing

Week 4

General Legal & Intellectual Property

Week 5

Building a Customer Service Culture

Week 6

Team Building

Week 7

Financial Growth & Control

Week 8

Presentation Day

Cost to Attend

Fuse Members $297

Non-Members $397

Details & Extras

What is Leadership Focal Point?

Leadership is a quality independent from any particular domain expertise; each of these instructors has a leadership story to share. Each instructor will provide an overarching story or anecdote to reinforce that point.

What do you mean by "proven"?

Classes are structured around active participation, where each student will have the opportunity to participate in activities, simulations, and presentations allowing for a dramatic boost in knowledge retention and transferability of skills.

What if I lose focus?

We hear you. This is the reality of business. You must CHOOSE to make the time and space to participate and be successful. On our part, we will pair you up with Accountability Partners to keep you on track and provide support.

Don't like public speaking?

No need to worry. Our instructors are seasoned pros, they know how to engage students with empathy and care. You'll learn the value of "failing fast" and how to pivot when you run into an obstacle in the safe environment of class.


How will we stay in touch? All class members will be added to a closed Slack channel. Slack is a free collaboration space available online and in the app store. You can message, share attachments and samples of your work, or share interesting articles, memes, or today's top YouTube video.

What if I miss a class?

Life happens and we need to react. Just let us know ahead of time. A huge part of what we are teaching you centers in developing your ability to make and follow through on your commitments. No refunds, so make the best decision for yourself.

BONUS for signing up: each student will receive a welcome gift, access to the Fuse Mentor Network, and a limited Hot Desk membership throughout the 8 weeks.