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Launch University: Ideation 2020


Details & Extras

What if I miss a class?

Life happens and we need to react. Just let us know ahead of time. A huge part of what we are teaching you centers in developing your ability to make and follow through on your commitments. No refunds, so make the best decision for yourself.

What do you mean by "proven"?

Classes are structured around active participation, where each student will have the opportunity to participate in activities, simulations, and presentations allowing for a dramatic boost in knowledge retention and transferability of skills.

What if I lose focus?

We hear you. This is the reality of business. You must CHOOSE to make the time and space to participate and be successful. On our part, we will pair you up with Accountability Partners to keep you on track and provide support.

Don't like public speaking?

No need to worry. Our instructors are seasoned pros, they know how to engage students with empathy and care. You'll learn the value of "failing fast" and how to pivot when you run into an obstacle in the safe environment of class.


How will we stay in touch? All class members will be added to a closed Slack channel. Slack is a free collaboration space available online and in the app store. You can message, share attachments and samples of your work, or share interesting articles, memes, or today's top YouTube video.

Class Topics from 2019 Launch: Ideation

Week 1

Customer Validation

Right now you’ve got a dream, and a passion for preparing food. Maybe your dream is to start a restaurant, maybe a food truck, or maybe you just like to see your special secret barbecue sauce in a bottle on shelves at Costco, Albertson’s and Safeway.  Regardless of where you’re starting from, the first week of launch ideation for food based businesses will teach you how to validate your idea with feedback from real customers. Is your idea something that people really want to buy? Is it a restaurant they really get excited to go out to? We teach you how to get up, get out there, and talk to real customers who are interested in your food-based business.

Week 2


Marketing plays a huge role in the success of any business, and food based businesses are no exception. Accomplished local marketers, and restauranteurs  will take you through the basics of traditional and digital marketing tips. Special emphasis will be placed on digital marketing, and leveraging the power of social media to boost your brand and your chances of success in a food-based business.

Week 3

Food Regulations Panel

There are numerous local, county, state, and federal regulations that decide how businesses need to operate. Food based businesses are no exception, and in fact, in some ways these carry stricter regulations than many other industries, and rightly so. The food and drug administration (FDA) has a number of rules and regulations that you’re going to have to understand to be successful. In this week, we assembled a diverse group of panelists to speak to the salient and important points of regulation compliance specific for food based businesses. There will be ample time for question-and-answer in the section, so prepare your questions thoughtfully and thoroughly.

Week 4

Founders 101

In founders 101 we touch on some of the issues that every business founder deals with. These topics include budgeting for your personal and business finance needs, the kinds of operating agreements you’ll need and support from your attorney, it also discusses the need for insurance to protect your personal assets from an accident in your business, as well as dealing with the day-to-day struggles and stresses of being a founder. Did you know that being under stress changes the way you communicate?  In this section we touch on all these topics and more!

Week 5

Presentation Night

In the final week each participant will have a chance to share a presentation on how their great idea for a food-based business began, and how it is matured throughout this course. They’ll be a panel of judges ready to provide you feedback, and a live audience for you to engage with and share your dreams of creating a food-based business. We also have representatives from the city of Kennewick there who can answer additional specific questions for getting your business up and running in the city of Kennewick! Presentation night is open to the public.