Easter candy!

I have fond memories of waking up on Easter morning to baskets full of plastic green grass, giant chocolate bunnies, and ten or twenty varieties of sugary egg-shaped candies. But let’s be real… Easter candy is weird. Seriously weird.

We asked Fuse members about their favorite Easter candies. Here’s what they had to say.

Giant Chocolate Bunnies

You can’t talk about Easter baskets without mentioning giant chocolate bunnies.

Despite their nightmarish candy eyes, there’s something nostalgic about these little dudes. I’m pretty sure most of the bunnies I’ve eaten have been hollow, but some of them are filled with more candy (and who doesn’t love candy stuffed with candy?). I also seem to remember bowties on some of my chocolate bunnies. And… flowers, maybe?


I am not a fan of Peeps. Apparently, a lot of people disagree with me, though, because Peeps are going strong. These little marshmallow chicks can be purchased in many different colors, and they also come in bunny shapes (of course).

People like them so much, you can even buy Peeps pillows, plushies, and apparel.

Eggs, eggs, and more eggs

No Easter basket is complete without its complement of weird egg candies. From traditional Cadbury Eggs to Malted Milk Eggs to White Chocolate peanut butter eggs to jelly beans, the egg theme abounds when it comes to Easter candy. Almost every candy company has jumped on the bandwagon and come up with some sort of egg-shaped version of their popular brands.

Whatever your favorite candy might be, embrace the weird traditions and give your coworkers some brightly-colored marshmallows, egg-shaped chocolates, and baskets full of love!

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