Conversational Spanish

Taking a conversational approach, this Spanish workshop is organized for participants who would like to practice their Spanish skills. All levels are welcome! Advanced level or fluent participants will be paired with beginners to engage in conversation. Beginners will rotate partners every 15 minutes so they have a chance to practice Spanish with multiple people.

Speaking as little English as possible is highly encouraged!

If you don't know a word in Spanish, you can try one of the three methods we suggest:

1. **Talk around the word.** For example, if you don't know the word for "pen," you can say, "Escribo con ..." and your partner can try to help you with the word you're looking for.

2. **Gesture, point, draw!** Try gesturing or pointing. If you want to say "walk," act it out! You can even draw the word you're looking for (pens and paper will be provided).

3. **"Spanish-ize" the word.** Sometimes that'll work. Seriously. And if it doesn't, this is a supportive group; if you try to "Spanish-ize" a word, like if you say "tabelo" for "table," no one will laugh at you. We'll just help teach you the right word :)