Fuse Amenities

Ride Your Bike to Fuse!

Have you ever wanted to ride your bike to Fuse, but you weren’t sure how to work it out logistically? Well, Fuse not only has bike racks you can use, we also have a private shower room! You can freshen up and get changed before heading into the office or hotdesk area after your morning…

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Conference rooms at Fuse

Do you need to meet with your clients in a professional setting? Fuse has you covered. You can reserve time in one of our conference rooms using the Fuse website or the Passport App by Nexudus (available in the App Store and the Google Play Store). The conference rooms and the classroom have HDMI hookups,…

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Photography Studio at Fuse

Fuse now has a photography studio! “Fuse Members are welcome to use the lighting, tripods, booms, and backdrops. There will be a basic camera provided but if you have a better one…go for it,” says Herb Collingridge. If you have any questions about using the equipment, or to make sure the studio is available, you…

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Top 5 Greatest Things about Fuse’s New Building with Jess Stangeland

Jess's Top 5 About New Fuse Building

I have Jess Stangeland to thank for today’s Top 5! Here are 5 of the greatest things about Fuse’s new building: Beautiful Open Spaces Our new building is a gorgeous, open space full of natural light. If you haven’t yet, check out Fuse’s Facebook page for updates. Better yet, stop by 723 The Parkway in Richland and check out the…

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Large-Format Printer

Large Format Printer Hero

Hecate Software has donated a large-format printer to Fuse! This is a Canon imagePROGRAF ipf700 that prints up to size 33.1 in x 46.8 in, or on a 36” wide roll. It has a super high resolution as well—up to 2400 x 1200 dpi. This lovely printer also has the capability of printing full bleed, so you can…

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Fuse Podcast Studio: Part Four

This is the conclusion of our four-part series about Fuse’s podcast studio. If you haven’t yet, I would suggest that you read the three previous podcasting blog posts to get the whole story. In our first post, we talked about Fuse’s podcast studio in Richland, Washington, and highlighted Kristi Shumway’s Tri-Citizens podcast. In our second post, we discussed…

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Fuse Podcast Studio: Part Three

Welcome to the third installment of our blog series on Fuse’s podcast studio. So far, we have discussed the Tri-Citizens podcast that Kristi Shumway records here at Fuse. We also touched on the origins of the podcast studio, which was constructed thanks in large part to a grant from PNNL. Kristi Shumway is one of the Fuse members who…

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Fuse Podcast Studio: Part Two

Last week, we discussed Fuse’s podcast studio in Richland, Washington. We highlighted Kristy Shumway’s Tri-Citizens podcast as a great example of how podcasts can bring our community closer together. Kristi got started with her podcast after Fuse received a grant from PNNL (the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) to create the studio, thanks in large part to a grant proposal…

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Fuse Podcast Studio: Part One

Have you ever wanted to learn more about podcasts or get more involved in our community? Fuse can help! In April of 2017, Fuse opened a podcast studio in their coworking offices on George Washington Way in Richland, Washington. Since that time, a number of people have started recording podcasts at Fuse. One of these…

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