TriConf {Creative}

TLDR: TriConf is awesome. Check out the events schedule! Those of you who have heard of TriConf likely know it as a community-organized, barcamp-style conference that brings in a lot of interesting speakers on a plethora of topics. I’ve given a few talks at TriConf in the past, and it’s pretty likely that you know…

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Launch Weekend with a Twist!

Fuse has been doing Launch Weekend events for six years. In that time we’ve had dozens of teams and hundreds of participants, many going on to form real businesses. “Launch Weekend is the chance for Tri-Citizens to unite around new opportunities. It’s about turning big ideas into small realities in just 3 days,” says Erik…

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High School Students Take On Recycling

This year at Enterprise Week, I had the opportunity to find out exactly what high school students in Pasco, Washington think about the environment. I was one of many mentors assigned to the Eco/Recycling division during Enterprise Week. Groups of students formed “consulting firms” to try and solve problems related to recycling or reducing our…

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Local Pumpkin

Have you heard of Local Pumpkin? It may just be the BEST THING EVER.     Local Pumpkin delivers farm-fresh produce to your home or office weekly, monthly, or as often as you choose. They have a bunch of different options to choose from, including a custom box where you can choose all of your…

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Ride Your Bike to Fuse!

Have you ever wanted to ride your bike to Fuse, but you weren’t sure how to work it out logistically? Well, Fuse not only has bike racks you can use, we also have a private shower room! You can freshen up and get changed before heading into the office or hotdesk area after your morning…

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Enterprise Week!

Like we do every year, Brendan and I are about to spend an entire week with hundreds of high school seniors in Pasco for Enterprise Week. I wouldn’t dream of missing it. This year, it’ll be better than ever, all thanks to Pasco students that previously completed the program. Based on their invaluable feedback, this…

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Lessons from 2017


We asked Fuse members “What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned in 2017?” Here are the insightful responses we received: That you can’t anticipate everything. Sometimes huge, crazy, life-changing things happen, and you have to just roll with them. That you can’t always please everyone. Quit trying to find time; instead, make time. Every person’s voice…

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Holiday Traditions


Here are a few holiday traditions from our Fuse members! Eric Zanol: We read “The Night Before Christmas” on Christmas Eve to the kids. Then we all wear matching pajamas on Christmas day. Sara Quinn: Our tradition is to go to my parents’ house for dinner on Christmas Eve with the whole family. We eat…

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